Since the beginning of time rain has been a source of life and refreshment to mankind and the planet we live on. The Monsoon rains of India and other coffee growing continents are particularly important to the growing and processing of the coffee we love and use. Even our own stunningly beautiful country wouldn’t be the same without its regular and often unfairly maligned rainfall.

It’s our hope that in the same way the Monsoon rains bring prosperity and life to our faroff coffee producing partners, our coffee brings life and refreshment to our Monsoon customers too.


About Us

With over a decade of local and international coffee experience and using the latest equipment and knowledge from a fast moving and constantly evolving industry, we bring to Auckland our single minded dedication to producing the most delicious coffee you’ve ever tasted.

We buy premium quality specialty grade green coffee from around the world but specialise in the relatively undiscovered coffees of India. Combining these with our state of the art Giesen small batch coffee roaster we roast daily to give you genuinely fresh coffee direct from the roastery.

If you don’t want to make our coffee yourself, drive through our roastery on Wairau Rd or drop in to our Espresso Bar in Wakefield St. We’ll make one for you on one of our world famous Synesso coffee machines.

We’re also happy to pass on a wealth of knowledge through our flexible training programme which is designed to be quick, up to date and cost effective. One on one or group sessions, see our training page for more information.

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to serving you soon.


Brett Titchener
Owner - Monsoon Coffee